When the Lunchbox opened in 2015, its owners were just barely newlyweds. But taking on a new restaurant and a new marriage was the kind of crazy-busy year Carlos Dorado and Kaleigh Dorado wanted. They’re kinda cool like that.
In fact, the building blocks for the awesome that is the Lunchbox are brought by each half of this creative duo. They approach their restaurant like they approach their marriage – a constant urge to be together, always. Growing up well traveled, Executive Chef and Owner, Carlos Dorado developed a strong palate and taste for diverse food at an early age. He spent his childhood learning from his mother, a biologist, how to properly care for animals and the planet. This early education and his love for food sparked a passion that continued to grow throughout his career. Dorado followed in the footsteps of his father and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics, which has played a huge role in successfully running the Lunchbox, allowing Carlos to treat the restaurant as a business and the business as a restaurant.
From there, Carlos moved on to Johnson & Wales University in Miami, FL where he received his culinary degree. It was there, under the tutelage of experienced chefs and professors that Carlos was inspired to venture into the culinary industry. To this day, Carlos credits his career to Johnson & Wales, the place where he began as a chef and where he discovered his lifelong passion and true calling.
COO and co-owner Kaleigh Pelland’s first foray into the food industry was at the age of 15 working as a barista to collect cold hard cash to feed her shopping addiction. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in fashion merchandising and spending eight years working in the fashion industry, it was when Carlos decided to open a restaurant in Miami that Kaleigh was inspired to break away from fashion and break into the restaurant industry to serve as the Lunchbox’s COO. Kaleigh uses her keen eye for fashion to assist with the visual aesthetics and decor of the eco-friendly restaurant, as well as her background in the restaurant and service industry to assist with any and every need of the Guest.
Outside the restaurant, Carlos and Kaleigh are just two fun-loving Aries who obsess over their two bullterrier dogs, play in the outdoors, and try not to order the same dish at a restaurant. Carlos thinks it makes them look weird.
But judging from the success of the Lunchbox, that’s a great thing to be.